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Winning The Influence Game: Four Takeaways For Communicators

Oriella PR Network released their 5th annual Oriella Digital Journalism Study that tracks trends and changes in digital media and publishing over time. Here are four takeaways for PR pros and Communicators: Credibility is Vital. Simply having a presence in the right places is no longer enough. The study clearly shows that journalists will gravitate towards sources […]

Social Media: The Old Game Has New Rules

This Presentation shows the basics of how social media has changed the landscape of marketing. But has it? Or is it just the same game, but with new rules and different platforms of expression? There has been much conjecture about Social Media of late.What do you think? Is it  is  a fad. There has been […]

Forrester: Interactive Marketing To Grow 11% To $25.6 Billion in 2009

Forrester Research predicts that interactive marketing spending will hit $25.6 billion this year — up 11% from $23.1 billion in 2008, despite being flat, as marketers shift money from traditional media to digital channels. That total, which also includes search, email, social media and mobile marketing dollars, is expected to more than double to nearly […]