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Email Hour By Hour

The really important finding was that all messages, no matter what time they were scheduled for, get most opens within the first hour from delivery up to 23%.

Don’t Ignore Boomers – The Most Valuable Generation

Boomers are marketing-friendly. They have lots of money, they consume lots of media and they are eternally optimistic. These are the same consumers who comprised the fashionable and lucrative 18-54 demographic for decades. They still embrace brands and they still view them through a uniquely Boomer lens.


Mobile And Social Behavior Sparks A Narrowcast Movement

Narrowcasting marks an emerging trend by which consumers are sharing content with smaller, more selective audiences. In contrast to broadcasting, narrowcasting is about tailoring information to better compel the recipients


SOSTAC® Marketing Plans + Infographic

Applying SOSTAC® Planning to Digital Marketing. SOSTAC® has rapidly grown in popularity because its simplicity and crystal clear logic make planning a lot easier.

Social Media Investment Expected to Soar

Social Media Investment Expected to Soar It seems that social media spend is sure to keep growing but businesses may not be sure what their cash is buying them, according to new research from Econsultancy’s Social Media Survey 2010. The survey found that 83 per cent of businesses questioned expected their investments in social media […]

Online Brand Monitoring -- Essential for Business

Online Brand Monitoring-Essential for Business

Online Brand Monitoring — Essential for Business Where to Start with Social Media Marketing? » Clearly Define Business Goals » Define Marketing Objectives » Define Measurement and KPIs » Social Media Monitoring [learning to listen] » Assess Receptiveness to Social Media Marketing » Ability to Engage [Source: Forrester Research, Bazaarvoice ] Why Monitor Social Media? […]

Remember Why We Are Here?

Dent by Hugh Macleod – Hughtrain Manifesto Remember Why We Are Here? — To Make a Dent in the Universe It was always Steve Jobs’ mantra: “Let’s make a dent in the universe”. Hugh Macleod incorporated it into the Hughtrain Manifesto: ”Whatever you manufacture, somebody can make it better, faster and cheaper than you. You do […]