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4 Social Consumer Segments To Watch

Insights into four major consumer segments that are researching your brand online and most importantly the best ways you can reach them

The Mobile Industry In Numbers

This is the H1 2012 edition of the 100 Million Club – the watch list of the top mobile platforms and handset manufacturers. This Infographic by VisionMobile will give you some insights into the mobile market and help put things into perspective.

Don’t Ignore Boomers – The Most Valuable Generation

Boomers are marketing-friendly. They have lots of money, they consume lots of media and they are eternally optimistic. These are the same consumers who comprised the fashionable and lucrative 18-54 demographic for decades. They still embrace brands and they still view them through a uniquely Boomer lens.

Online Brand Monitoring -- Essential for Business

Online Brand Monitoring-Essential for Business

Online Brand Monitoring — Essential for Business Where to Start with Social Media Marketing? » Clearly Define Business Goals » Define Marketing Objectives » Define Measurement and KPIs » Social Media Monitoring [learning to listen] » Assess Receptiveness to Social Media Marketing » Ability to Engage [Source: Forrester Research, Bazaarvoice ] Why Monitor Social Media? […]

‘TrendsSpotting’s’ 2010 Social Media Influencers

‘TrendsSpotting’s’  2010 Social Media Influencers Predictions in 140 Characters Findings show Major Predictions for 2010; Dr. Taly Weiss, CEO and Founder of – Market research, has identified the following key influencers: Mobile Location Transparency Measurement ROI Privacy (more…)