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SOSTAC® Marketing Plans + Infographic

Applying SOSTAC® Planning to Digital Marketing. SOSTAC® has rapidly grown in popularity because its simplicity and crystal clear logic make planning a lot easier.

Creating An Integrated Marketing Campaign

When creating an integrated marketing campaign we use both online and offline elements. Be sure you start by identifying your customers needs, what kind of solution[s] do you have and how are you different than your competitors?

How The INTERNET Works

Use of the Internet, or World Wide Web, is a complex and confusing concept; how is it that my computer can access files on another computer halfway across the world? A powerful tool, the Internet has changed the landscape of the world today, providing online shopping, social networks, shared multimedia files and online education.   What is a “protocol”? […]

Online Brand Monitoring -- Essential for Business

Online Brand Monitoring-Essential for Business

Online Brand Monitoring — Essential for Business Where to Start with Social Media Marketing? » Clearly Define Business Goals » Define Marketing Objectives » Define Measurement and KPIs » Social Media Monitoring [learning to listen] » Assess Receptiveness to Social Media Marketing » Ability to Engage [Source: Forrester Research, Bazaarvoice ] Why Monitor Social Media? […]

Australian Business Rush to Embrace Social Media

Budgets move from traditional media to fund social media New media critical to stakeholder connection ROI measurement proving difficult Establishing proprietary social networks the new trend The social media phenomenon that has swept Australian consumers has been vigorously embraced by the corporate sector, with the number of Companies using new media almost doubling in the […]

‘TrendsSpotting’s’ 2010 Social Media Influencers

‘TrendsSpotting’s’  2010 Social Media Influencers Predictions in 140 Characters Findings show Major Predictions for 2010; Dr. Taly Weiss, CEO and Founder of – Market research, has identified the following key influencers: Mobile Location Transparency Measurement ROI Privacy (more…)

Most Marketers Use Social Media

Most Marketers Use Social Media SocialMediaExaminer surveyed 1,898 respondents, of which 98% were business owners or employees, 1% were students and 1% unemployed, via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email [me included] during a five-day period [January 2010]. Please download the complete report here: SocialMediaMarketingReport2010 Thank you Michael Stelzner ! (more…)