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How Strong Is Your Password?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM 2012. It more important than ever to safely manage your passwords. Password theft has increased by 300% so far in 2012, and that trend will continue to grow. So how can you manage those passwords safely?

Don’t Ignore Boomers – The Most Valuable Generation

Boomers are marketing-friendly. They have lots of money, they consume lots of media and they are eternally optimistic. These are the same consumers who comprised the fashionable and lucrative 18-54 demographic for decades. They still embrace brands and they still view them through a uniquely Boomer lens.


FastCo’s Cliff Kuang On Infographics And The Infographics Industry

There’s not just one thing that makes a good Infographic. There are elements that the good ones possess: 1. Clarity of point of view 2. Consistency of vision 3. They are beautiful Infographics are about telling stories through images. There should be an end point and a plot, and it’s all about how you convey […]

Big Data Just Beginning To Explode

The big data growth Infographic by CSC helps you visualize some of the latest trends and illustrates the importance of shifting from “collecting to connecting data” to search relationships between data sets to help reveal valuable new insights.

The Great App-splosion

Enterprise Mobility app stores are gaining traction, what does your business need to know to move to this model, and what’s in store for the CIO? CIO Magazine offers a primer. While the much-maligned BlackBerry helped organizations think in terms of mobile communications, eWeek argues it was the iPhone that really ushered in Enterprise Mobility as we know it. […]

Online Advertising worth more than $2 billion – IAB

Online Advertising worth more than $2 billion – IAB by Willem Reyners Tay  The latest expenditure report from the IAB, the industry body for online advertising, has revealed that the online advertising industry was worth $2.044 in the 12 months to June 2010, representing 13% growth compared to 2009. The report, Online Advertising Expenditure report, […]

‘TrendsSpotting’s’ 2010 Social Media Influencers

‘TrendsSpotting’s’  2010 Social Media Influencers Predictions in 140 Characters Findings show Major Predictions for 2010; Dr. Taly Weiss, CEO and Founder of – Market research, has identified the following key influencers: Mobile Location Transparency Measurement ROI Privacy (more…)