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Content Curation Reduces Information Overload

if you curate content in specialist areas relating to your customer needs, you will gain reputation, visitors, followers – all the things you need to ensure your online presence is high.

The Business Marketers Guide To Instagram

Instagrams simplicity allows for a wide variety of applications and it is quickly becoming an essential element to any successful visual content marketing strategy.

When Quality Content Isn’t Everything

if you consider that content marketing consists of two separate but equal activities: creating and communicating. Communication is the “marketing” part of content marketing. If all of your time and energy go into creating content, you are likely to run out of time and energy for the equally important job of effectively communicating that content […]

Developing A Unique Selling Proposition [USP] – The Cornerstone Of Your Marketing

The Unique Selling Proposition [USP] that unique position that sets you apart in the minds of both your prospective and existing customers This is core to

Stand By Your Brand: Cultivating Experience To Foster Brand Advocacy

Before brand advocates can begin to embrace all the channels available, companies must first make sure to connect the dots between their social, mobile, and traditional strategies, cross-promoting online and offline initiatives to help make customers aware of their options.

The Great App-splosion

Enterprise Mobility app stores are gaining traction, what does your business need to know to move to this model, and what’s in store for the CIO? CIO Magazine offers a primer. While the much-maligned BlackBerry helped organizations think in terms of mobile communications, eWeek argues it was the iPhone that really ushered in Enterprise Mobility as we know it. […]

10 Best Colleges For Game-Based Learning

Educators have begun to see the value in the games medium for helping students learn. While the research is still developing and some professors are still skeptical, these 10 colleges represent your best bets for learning while playing video and other games.