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Executives Embrace Social Have You?

By Chad Bockius Socialcast recently released a great Infographic outlining how executives use social networks. Here is the image itself and a few interesting stats. 92% of executives use LinkedIn making it the most popular social network. Facebook comes in second with 51% stating they use it. When it comes to frequency, executives are spending […]

Effective Use of Social Media Requires Tapping Emotions

Effective Use of Social Media Requires Tapping Emotions by Margaret Steen Authors Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith explain how to harness the power of social media to achieve social change in their book ‘The Dragonfly Effect’. A social media campaign that goes viral, grabbing the attention of thousands or even millions of people at a […]

Web Most Effective Way to Reach Local Audiences Worldwide

Web Most Effective Way to Reach Local Audiences Worldwide   Local websites rule while social sites stay on hold Social media has increased its importance around the world, and while social network advertising continues to grow quickly in the US, spending in other markets is set to rise even faster. But brand marketers still don’t […]

Online Advertising worth more than $2 billion – IAB

Online Advertising worth more than $2 billion – IAB by Willem Reyners Tay  The latest expenditure report from the IAB, the industry body for online advertising, has revealed that the online advertising industry was worth $2.044 in the 12 months to June 2010, representing 13% growth compared to 2009. The report, Online Advertising Expenditure report, […]

How The INTERNET Works

Use of the Internet, or World Wide Web, is a complex and confusing concept; how is it that my computer can access files on another computer halfway across the world? A powerful tool, the Internet has changed the landscape of the world today, providing online shopping, social networks, shared multimedia files and online education.   What is a “protocol”? […]

22% of Online Time Spent With Social Media @smexaminer & @AmyPorterfield

WOW!!! Amplify’d from Is social media taking over the web? Just in the last year, the number of social media users has continued to climb at record speed and the audience demographics have widened. And marketers have noticed the trend. For proof of social media’s steep rise, take a look at the number of […]

Social Media Dominates Asia Pacific Internet Usage

Social media usage has seen unprecedented growth in Asia Pacific in the past year and is now one of the most critical trends in the online sector, according to Nielsen‘s Asia Pacific Social Media Report. The survey found that three of the seven biggest global online brands are social media sites Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube. […]