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One Size Fits None

Too often, marketers get wrapped up in the features and functions of their products, rather than solving the actual problems of the consumer.


Top Ten Online Branding Guidelines

Online branding should be just as well conceived as any other communication or marketing initiative. Regardless of how small or large an organization is, traditional website and social media branding should be paramount to any communications initiative.

Creating An Integrated Marketing Campaign

When creating an integrated marketing campaign we use both online and offline elements. Be sure you start by identifying your customers needs, what kind of solution[s] do you have and how are you different than your competitors?

Stand By Your Brand: Cultivating Experience To Foster Brand Advocacy

Before brand advocates can begin to embrace all the channels available, companies must first make sure to connect the dots between their social, mobile, and traditional strategies, cross-promoting online and offline initiatives to help make customers aware of their options.

Living A Recommendable Life

You will have a roadmap for your life, you will never go astray personally, you will become one of the best and most sought after marketers around

The Language of Love in Social Media-New Rules for Brand Engagement

Firefly Millward Brown [] has conducted the first global qualitative research study into consumers general attitudes and behaviours towards brands in social media. The Research [download summary report], which includes in-depth discussions with organizations as well as hundreds of consumers across 15 countries; providing companies and their brands with valuable insight into how to navigate […]

Almost Ninety per cent of Australian Internet Users now Making Online Transactions

New research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority reveals Australian consumers are increasingly embracing the digital economy, with 88% of household internet users undertaking one or moreĀ  e-commerce activities and 69% purchasing at least one good or service in the last six months. These are suggestive of increasing consumer confidence with making online transactions, […]