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‘TrendsSpotting’s’ 2010 Social Media Influencers

‘TrendsSpotting’s’  2010 Social Media Influencers Predictions in 140 Characters Findings show Major Predictions for 2010; Dr. Taly Weiss, CEO and Founder of – Market research, has identified the following key influencers: Mobile Location Transparency Measurement ROI Privacy (more…)

‘Love Earth’ April 22, 2010

Love Earth Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid [cartoon #68] A Tribute To Earth Day Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, She may not be happy right now, but she’s all we’ve got. Let’s take care of her.

So To Get Found – Your Social Marketing Strategy Must Reach Across All Platforms

  Ecademy founder Penny Power , who recently wrote Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me: What Online Social Networking Means for You and Your Business, recommends a digital marketing strategy that covers all platforms: "So you need to think now much broader than just being get found on Google. You need to think about how […]

Which Social Network Is Right For Me or You?

Life Hacker’s ‘S.W.O.T.’ Analysis is a great resource / tool for those who are unsure as to the benefits of these social networks and so you know which networking tool fits you best! This chart doesn’t cover everything about every network out there. MySpace is (seemingly) on the decline or, at best, re-purposing itself. LinkedIn […]

Social Media on Slideshare

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The 10 Stages of Social Media …

The 10 Stages of Social Media Integration in Business [unabridged]»… »RT @briansolis Social media is indeed a privilege

Social Media Trends for 2010

by Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group Companies Must Approach Social Programs In A Coordinated Effort Many companies are enthralled by the opportunity to use social technologies to connect with customers, yet many lack a plan or coordinated effort. Additionally, things are going to get more difficult as they don’t realize that as consumers and employees rapidly […]