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Three Small Business Marketing Techniques That Work

Small business marketing is essential to gain visibility for a company. Without visibility, customers will not be aware of your products and services. Sales conversions are not possible if customers do not know your business exists. Verified methods of small business marketing are necessary to ensure sales continue to flow and sustain business.

Here are three examples that will help small business marketing:


1. Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet is a low cost way to gain visibility. With the increasing popularity of social media, many companies are learning the benefits of using social media to gain visibility. Companies post information about the latest products and services to keep customers interested and loyal. Discussions are started to keep customers interested in the products and services offered on the Internet. Online stores and websites have found this to be useful.
Not only is social media useful, but banner advertisements and pay-per-click advertisements are also helpful in gaining exposure for a company. Many people have gained more visitors through targeted online advertising than with other small business marketing techniques. The best part is it is less expensive than traditional forms of marketing. 

2. Value Additions

Value additions are a great way to gain and keep loyal customers. With value additions, customers will are offered coupons and other discounts to encourage them to purchase more product. Coupons help customers choose between the competition and your company’s products or services.
Social purchasing coupons are a great example of how small businesses can entice more customers. The coupons may offer free merchandise, free shipping, referral rewards and discounts. Customer satisfaction is greatly increased with social purchasing coupons. They feel appreciated when they are receiving a discount or free merchandise. Point cards and referrals are also popular with small businesses who want to keep their customers coming back repeatedly. 

3. Flyers

Flyers are another inexpensive way to gain exposure for a company. This is a somewhat intrusive way to advertise, but it can be effective if done in a professional manner. Flyers in a mailbox or distributed at a store may help to gain a company more business. If the flyers are brief, flyers are more likely to be effective.
The problem with flyers is the litter that inevitably follows a campaign. Environmentalists cringe at the thought of a paper campaign because it means that many trees will be sacrificed for the cause. If the campaign takes place in a parking lot, the flyers may fly around and create an eyesore from the litter. Even with this problem, the method is highly effective because it puts the information in the hands of customers, and the information can be acted upon immediately. Many companies use flyers for this reason. 

Try These Three Marketing Techniques in Your Business

These three small business marketing techniques are highly effective if applied appropriately. Consider these three small business marketing techniques to improve visibility and sales conversions. Profitability will prove that these techniques work. 

About the author:

Chris Walker has a marketing career spanning over 8 years, with the last 3 he has found his niche in Direct Marketing, primarily flyer delivery Perth.

He enjoys blogging about his experiences in the creation and distribution of direct marketing – what works and what doesn’t work. While he is not developing direct marketing campaigns for his clients, he is enjoying the fine cuisine Perth has to offer.

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