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What Works for Social Sharing-B2B vs. B2C

Figuring out what is best for your company’s social sharing accounts can be tough.  Not only do you have to figure out what to share, but you also need to know how and when to say it. 


Compendium ran a study with more than 200 companies, checking on how social media marketers can get optimum engagement in business-to-business and business-to-consumer conversations.


The study looked at factors such as word count, punctuation, time of posting, and day of the week of posting to determine success factors.


It turns out that who you’re marketing to makes a massive difference.

If you’re talking to consumers, Monday and Wednesday are best on Twitter, and Monday for LinkedIn.

However if your company is marketing to other businesses, post to LinkedIn on Sunday, and to Twitter on Wednesday.

And while hashtags are great for consumer-focused posts, they really don’t work at all for B2B marketers.

And the one commonality?

Is it best to share on Tuesday or Thursday? Does it matter if your tweet is 15 words or 25?

And does using a question mark really reduce your chances of viral growth?

Question marks significantly reduce clickthrough on posts aimed at both consumers and business clients. Posts with question marks get between 25 and 52% fewer clicks than other posts.


Ultimately, there is no universal rule, at least, that applies to all audiences and all brands.


There is no perfect Tweet just like there is no perfect email subject line or “best time” to post a blog.

While data like this is interesting, it’s not absolute.

It can be incorporated into your regular experimenting and can serve as a nice guide, but you won’t find the answer in an Infographic, you’ll find it in your own analytics.


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By Lee Jorgenson.


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