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Twitter Tightens The Screws

Twitter is shifting from tech startup and media darling to an aspiring new media empire.

Ruffling feathers and clipping wings is an unfortunate reality of any business strategy.


By 2014, Twitter expects to generate over $1 billion in sales according to insider reports.

To put that in perspective, Twitter’s ad revenue in 2011 was just under $140 million.


The teams at “Pivot” and Netbase studied how online conversations reflected the sentiment of the community toward Twitter. They also looked at how conversations related to Twitter compared to those of Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare.


In 2012 Twitter tops the list with the most negative feedback at 30%, being that of general complaints; 22% reflect changes to the API rules and 16% are tied to DM.

Facebook is close to Twitter in terms of negative commentary at 29% compared to 30%.

With 33% complaints that an app can’t post; 14% say Facebook lacks perks and extras and another 14% feel Facebook is too time consuming.

This Infographic, designed for the upcoming Pivot Conference, compares the period from October 2011-August 2012.

Both networks are faring much better now regardless of the media’s take on the subjects. Twitter earned far more negative reactions lasting a longer duration when it announced major API changes last year.

This time around, it appears that Twitter’s API change saw more positive conversations in general occurring in a shorter burst. Facebook seemed to earn more positive support in both cases.


By Brian Solis.


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