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The Social Customer Service Conflict

The Social Customer Engagement Index examines how companies are using social tools for customer service and, more importantly, how customers are responding.

The Index uncovered that while intentions to improve customer engagement and relationships via social run high among executives, the reality is that businesses aren’t putting their investments where their aspirations are:

  • 71% of businesses claim to use social media for customer service and 87.5% have realized a positive impact.
  • Of those businesses that participated in the study, 36% state that response times are as fast as an hour or less.
  • Another 32.5% assert that a response will occur in less than four hours and 26% will try to get back to customers within a day.


Becoming a social business isn’t dependent on whether or not some of your team uses social networks for marketing, sales, or service here and there.
A social business is a way of business. It’s a philosophy.

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By Brian Solis


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