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The Meaning of Like

This Infographic by Symphony Teleca shows that consumers rely on peer recommendations: Links to user-generated content on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) make up a quarter of the search results for the top 20 brands in the world.

In response to that growing number, 85 % of people have already anticipated changes in their buying behavior.

Customer reviews, questions and answers, internet forums and user-generated videos are the social and community tools that influence consumers the most.

This Infographic also shows how mobile devices, real-time access to review sites and social networks impact consumers’ buying decisions and overall retail experience.

167 million people will shop online this year, spending an average of $1,800 per person, it reveals.

Unsurprisingly, shoppers are using their smartphones to look for sales and special deals, as well as read product reviews and ratings.

64% of smartphone owners shop online using their devices;

40% of Twitter users say they search for products on the microblogging tool; and

60% of Facebook users say they would discuss a product or service if they were offered a discount

It also breaks down how companies such as Walmart and Starbucks are using social networks to engage shoppers. It also looks at how businesses are using mobile point of sale (POS) transactions to get insight into consumer data, sales records and inventory.


Infographic by  Symphony Teleca

By Mindjumpers.


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