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Five Effective Ways to be Exclusive

What’s happened to exclusivity? It’s not exclusive anymore—and that, to me, is a bit of a problem. The trend among many companies and brands is to offer “exclusive” to everyone.

Everyone Can’t be a VIP

Even in our ultra-connected society, there is still room for exclusivity. In a good way. VIPs are actually Very Important People, as in, your most loyal customers and brand evangelists.

How many tweets or invites do you get via social media now that are obviously inviting everyone to become a VIP? Or to download something “exclusive” when you know it’s available to anyone with a computer and internet access?

Exclusivity can add value to your brand while directly targeting communication and perks to a select audience.

There’s an art to creating and being exclusive. Bryan Kramer shares these five points:

1) Give more than you get. People want to know what’s in it for them—basic human nature

If you’re offering something exclusive, be sure the perceived value outweighs the cost to the consumer

2) Make it special. Simply put, “exclusive” means there is no possibility of getting it elsewhere

 By targeting a particular segment for special perks or privileges—you can create your most loyal evangelists

3) Know what your VIPs need, then give it to them

The key to this is to ‘Listen’

4) Create raving fans

Everyone that receives better than great customer service—the highest level possible—has the potential to become a raving fan

5) Give people bragging rights

Word of mouth is incredibly infectious and effective, and when you establish a special connection with your most loyal evangelists—and give them a brand experience worth talking about—then you’ve helped to create a desire to share their experience with everyone else


Key Takeaway: The amount of love you put into something is how much you’ll get back.

Remember: It’s the totality of the experience that makes someone value his or her true VIP status.


By Bryan Kramer.


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  1. […] "The amount of love you put into something is how much you’ll get back."  […]

  2. […] "The amount of love you put into something is how much you’ll get back."  […]

  3. […] "The amount of love you put into something is how much you’ll get back."  […]

  4. […] "The amount of love you put into something is how much you’ll get back."  […]

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