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The Ten Commandments Of Twitter

The proliferation of trolls and fanatics in our beloved chirping microblog has made it urgent to issue some shared guidelines we can all adhere to that can…

Oscar Del Santo  has shared some guidelines we can all adhere to in order to regulate private and public behavior on Twitter:

1. Thou shalt not patronize others

2. Thou shalt not debate sectarian

3. Thou shalt respect freedom of speech

4. Thou shalt not applaud sexist, racist, homophobic and other discriminatory statements

5. Thou shalt not demand answers to your queries

6. Thou shalt not demand RTs

7. Thou shalt not judge others’ Twitter style

8. Thou shalt not copy other people’s contents

9. Thou shalt not spam

10.  Thou shalt not spread rumors


By Oscar Del Santo.


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