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The Massive Guide To Getting Massive Traffic

Growing a blog takes time. It takes consistent sharing of great content for months and months on end. Usually it takes most people about two years to get big.

This means that your growth is slow and steady as your traffic coming to your site is slow and steady. While that strategy will work…it’s always nice to get a huge jump in traffic every once in awhile.

Apply the following online marketing guidelines:

Write ultimate guides

Get covered in big media, without spending a dime

Suck in traffic with egobait [offer a reward]

Create a stampede of visitors with StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

Going viral on Tumblr to drive traffic

Timing your Reddit submissions and buying traffic

Leverage Pinterest like a power user

Write a high-quality guest post

How even an average Infographic can get you 10,000 impressions


These tactics that can drive traffic to your site because they are tactics that anybody can use…and they work!


By Neil Patel.


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