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The History Of The Web Clone Industry

Ideas have been stolen for centuries and protection against this behaviour is extremely difficult. Beyond the Internet, companies just copy the unprotected parts of complete products, hence not truly in violation of any law.

For online entrepreneurs it is far more difficult. 

Code is only partially protectable as code under U.S. law no property represents.

“Cloners” occur as a result of this gap in the U.S. legal system. Under current law, without morals, code and design are copied / cloned. 

Clones can create problems.

When you come up with an idea, you want that idea to be yours so that authenticity becomes operative.

Why should someone who steals something you created leech off of your success?

In this age of computer//internet intangibility it’s hard sometimes to draw the line.

With this Infographic, ReputationsVerteidiger,  wanted to show how this industry has evolved and how startups can protect themselves.


Source Reputation Defender.

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