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LinkedIn Is The Best Social Network For Improving SEO

Fewer links are shared on LinkedIn than on Twitter and Facebook, but there’s a much higher positive correlation of shares to inbound links.

 Dan ZarrellaHubSpot social media scientist, recently conducted a study of link sharing and SERP (search engine results page) correlation on the top three social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — to determine which platform improves search engine results the most. Surprise, it’s LinkedIn!

 Zarrella compiled a database of 25,000+ URLs that had been shared at least once on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The URLs were all at least one month old and had a minimum of one incoming link. 


The Study found that, while Facebook and Twitter users share the most links to content, the number of links directed at that content is higher per share via LinkedIn.


This is important because receiving more shares creates a snowball effect. Each time your content is seen and shared, you receive an inbound link. The more links your article has, the higher the authority rank it is given by search engines. This results in higher search engine placement and, along with it, more site traffic.

For best results,  develop a strategy for LinkedIn that includes posting links to your relevant content. 

In this slideshow, HubSpot Founder Dharmesh Shah and SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin show a graph of these results, as well as some key findings from HubSpot’s Report:

The State Of SEO And Internet Marketing In 2012:

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By Pam Dyer.

The State Of SEO And Internet Marketing In 2012.


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