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Content Marketing The New Branding

What we call “brands” are just promises of an experience … and content will help you shape that promise.

Branding another name for creating a perception

The very essence of brands don’t lie within your brand colors or site design, even though important.

The essence of a brand lies within its meaning.

And words have meaning. Words matter.

How does the ‘brand’ inspire people to generate content? To increase brand audience?

Hopefully inspiring consumers with brand experiences and publishing great content.

Content is currency — something we trade for audience’s attention

That currency becomes more valuable every time it’s shared by someone other than the brand.

Hence it is imperative to create content worth sharing. How it is shared is up to the consumers.


Have a look at this Infographic, Content Marketing Media Matrix For Small Businesses,

created by PRWeb, you’ll see an array of content marketing options — each with its own balance of difficulty and value.


By Frank Strong.


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