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10 Pinterest Pointers For Businesses

Not every company should jump on Pinterest because as with any social network–or any technology, for that matter–you have to establish why your organization is using it, what your goals are and how performance will be measured.

The BrainYard offers some recommendations and advice for using Pinterest effectively

1. Determine Purpose For Pinterest Presence

As with any other social network, you need to determine before you do any posting or profile building what your goals are and who your audience is. Next, decide what that audience likely wants, how you will provide it, and how that will help you meet your business goals.

2. Think Visual

Companies thinking of dipping their toes into Pinterest waters should figure out what parts of their business–or extensions of their business–are the most visual and thus most effective on Pinterest.

3. Make Your Boards Specific

Companies that have an embarrassment of content riches should likewise be specific when naming and populating their boards so followers will know exactly what kind of content they will be getting

4. Promote New Products

Gives organizations the opportunity to promote what’s new alongside information about what’s not so new 

5. Supplement Business Initiatives

Pinterest isn’t just about promoting products; it can also promote your company itself. This is especially fruitful if your organization links back and forth from other social sites and Web platforms

6. Tell Your Story

Pinterest is a natural story-telling medium

7. Make No Pinterest Board An Online Island

Your Pinterest presence should not stand alone, and no Pinterest board or post should be an island.  You can make this easier for users on your website by embedding Pinterest buttons. 

8. Add Pinterest Buttons

An organization can embed the Pin It button on its website, making it easier for users to pin the organization’s content to their own Pinterest boards and, hopefully, for other users to then repin the content

9. Follow Others and Repin Their Content

As with any other social network, it’s important to share. On Pinterest, this means following others and repinning relevant content.

10. Pin Often

As with any other social media platform, users will take in interest in your Pinterest site only as long as there is fresh, relevant content on it.

It means dedicating time and resources to ensuring that your presence is updated often and with the kind of content that your audience will care about, as well as that your organization is interacting with users in a timely, open and engaging manner.


By Debra Donston-Miller.


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