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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Create Great B2B Content

This how to guide by Sylvia Jensen, highlights nine tips to ensure a great content strategy: Start with the objective All too often objectives are far-reaching and/or fuzzy  Understand your audience Don’t lose focus on who will be reading your content and where possible identify personas Avoid product- and sales-driven content Create content about what you […]

Social Business Design

Social business design – adopting the use of social technology, flattening corporate structure and shifting towards less siloed operational models – helps organizations achieve business objectives as the marketplace becomes more… Mark Smiciklas believes in “the idea that organizations adopting the use of social technology, flattening their corporate structure and making the shift towards less […]

Investigating The Value Of “Like Us”

Only five years ago, there term “like” was just another word used to describe one’s preferences. In today’s digital universe, however, the notion of “liking” something has become ubiquitous. Liking is one of the primary ways people exert their tastes and preferences online, and it has created an entirely new type of conversation – one […]

Social Media Blunders

As the popularity of social media continues to accelerate, it’s no surprise that famous faces and well-known brands are increasingly using these platforms to reach the people responsible for their fame. The power of social media channels allows actors, comedians, athletes, and companies to interact with their followers, yet the casual comfort of these conversations […]

Content Marketing The New Branding

What we call “brands” are just promises of an experience … and content will help you shape that promise. Branding another name for creating a perception The very essence of brands don’t lie within your brand colors or site design, even though important. The essence of a brand lies within its meaning. And words have […]

Tackling Firefox

Are you a little overwhelmed by the browser choices available to you? Have you been sticking to your old favorite because you never had time to really see what the other browsers had to offer? Does your current browser have advanced security options? Does it sync your settings across devices? Can you manage your tabs […]

Managing And Measuring Social Media

New research from Econsultancy and Adobe found that two-thirds of businesses (67%) agree that social media is integral to their marketing mix, while 66% say social is integral to their overall business strategy. The survey of 650 marketing professionals also found that 64% of businesses use social for brand awareness, 44% for marketing campaigns and […]