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What You Need To Know About Community Management

Many organizations are still trying to understand what is community management.

1. What is Community Management?
A community manager (or Director of Community) encompasses several online and offline duties.

There are three key roles a community manager plays:

A.  Advocates for the Customer, help to get questions answered, find the resources and help feel them more closely tied to the brand.

B. Creative Kickstarters, by collecting and responding customer feedback can identify new products, services and revenue opportunities.

C. The Company Glue, communicating across departments, ensuring the voice of the customer is heard throughout the organization.

2. What Makes a Good Community Manager?
A unique, customer-facing position and  you need the right person for the job.

Some of the common traits of successful community managers include being creative problem solvers, having strong writing and listening skills, an unwavering commitment to the job, and experience working in teams. Draw up what an ideal community manager would look like.

3. What’s it Going to Cost?
Growing and maintaining a vibrant community is an investment. You can’t just set up a customer community or Twitter stream and wait for the positive feedback to roll in.

First, you need to understand what it’s going to cost. There are some numbers out there, but it’s important to map out what your team will be responsible for and what level of experience you need.

4. How is Community Management Measured?
This point is neglected far too often. The community manager serves many roles, but like any job, if it’s not measured, you don’t know what’s working.

This is still in the experimental phase, but there are ways to set up success metrics for community management. Are you tracking its impact on overall engagement? Is it the growth of your community? You can look at the impact on Net Promoter Score (NPS) or renewal rates. Bottom line: some measurement has to be put in place and tweaked when necessary.

By Jesse Noyes 

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