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What Really Goes On In The World Of Twitter On A Given Day?

Tweeters share photos more than anything else, and pics make up more than a third of all links shared on the social network. Articles make up just 16% of shares, while videos come in at just under 10%. Predictably, YouTube dominates there, making up six in 10 video posts. Among photos, most people share directly from Twitter, while Instagram clocks in at 15%.

 These stats come to us via Diffbot‘s new Page Classifier, which analyzed 750,000 links posted on Twitter to create this Infographic

Diffbot is a tech start-up that provides a set of APIs that enable developers to easily use web data in their own applications.

 The “Page Classifier” developer tool uses visual learning robot to instantly identify page content that lies behind any URL

Diffbot analyzes documents much like a human would, using the visual properties to determine how the parts of the page fit together.

Dan Mayer created this Infographic, ‘A Day In The Life Of Twitter’, to promote the release of their Page Classifier: Try Out The Twitter Link Classifier By Diffbot [Chrome Extension] 

Or Test Drive Here

 By Diffbot

Dan Mayer

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