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What A Difference A Decade Makes – The Internet 2002-2012

A decade — 10 years. Doesn’t sound like much, right?
But a decade ago, the big social networking story was Friendster with a whopping 3 million users. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had 95 percent …

10 years, 3,652 days, 87,648 hours.

A lot has changed since Apple was touting a new 700 MHz iBook and iPhoto 1.1.

Blockbuster went from $5.5 billion in revenue to a big bloody hole in the ground, and Yahoo went from Internet behemoth to will-Marissa-Mayer-be-able-save-it.

Internet design is an ever evolving field. New and emerging technologies continue to dictate designs across the web. And in just 10 short years, the internet has evolved into a more efficient way of gathering information. And the evolution comes first through smart web design. You may look back at websites from years ago and see blocks of text and blue links, but now, designers have made site navigation a lot more easy and a lot more clear. This Infographic will take you on a journey to the past, where web pages had no pictures (slower internet speeds back then) and where everything looked like it was just copied and pasted onto the website.

In a glorious animated GIF from BestedSites: The change a decade makes in Internet time.

By John Koetsier

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