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Want To Look Better In Google? This Data Shows You the Best Ways

At BrandYourself, the goal is give users and readers everything they need to put their best foot forward in Google.  Having  tracked  the Google results of over 130K users they were able to analyze millions of results and found some really insightful information.


Want to look better in Google? Think twice about building your personal website on WordPress.

  • Bad First Impression: 1.5 Billion names are Searched everyday in Google but people generally don’t look great on their first page
  • If you want to look better, you need to choose your profiles wisely: 

For example, LinkedIn is the best social network for rankings, while WordPress is the highest ranking personal site builder. Even more interesting, popular pages like really have trouble ranking high.

  • BrandYourself is effective: To date, they  have helped people raise their favorite profiles over250K positions higher in Google.

People can expect to raise a profile over 20 positions, or 2 whole pages, by using their software.

Check out their fun Infographic

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