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Using Curation To Create The Perfect Content Marketing Mix

 Uberflip have released this Infographic about the rise of content curation as a content marketing strategy, showing that curation can be used to increase visibility, boost SEO, and establish thought leadership – all in a cost-effective way and with limited resources.

Key Takeaways:
– Creating original content is the biggest obstacle for 73% of content marketers.
– 75% of marketers cannot justify spending the time needed to create original content for their audience.
– There are a variety of tools developed within the past 3 years that can help marketers and content curators gather the most relevant content, re-purpose it, and present it to their audience in unique ways.
– 85% of brands use content curation to establish thought leadership, and 80% say it enables them to increase brand visibility


By Uberflip.


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