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The Google Yourself Challenge

Just how much information about you is online? Google yourself to find out and reconsider what details should be kept private and off the Internet.

 “How much can others learn about you from the Internet? Take a moment to Google yourself. You may be surprised how much information is public. While you think it doesn’t matter, what you post online could impact job prospects, your safety and more. “

Before offering someone a job or a loan, businesses and banks want to verify information about the person in question and ensure that they are working with someone responsible and trustworthy.

The average, everyday person can perform a background check if he or she is concerned about someone, so it is imperative that you protect your Reputation, Online and Offline, to ensure positive public sentiment prevails.

Check out this Infographic by Background Check to find out what you may have shared online, see what others who are looking for you may find, and learn more about why it matters.


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