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The Conundrum Of Content

Marc Meyer has put together some thought provoking questions summarized below, which may help you align your content or curating  efforts with those of your audience

“Being a content producer is brutal, it’s hard and it never ends. Sometimes it sucks.  

Why?  Because content, in and of itself, is constantly being redefined and producing it is constantly a challenge.   Content for the consumer, is like crack, the more we get, the more we want.  Good content keeps raising the bar for all content producers to strive and push out there something that will be consumed on a large scale and in a sense, will go viral.” 

No longer is average content acceptable.   It’s no longer up to you.

Content is what keeps companies and organizations in the public eye.  

Multiply the ability to consume what is created times two.  As device proliferation increases, so does demand for sites, apps,  content curators and content creators.

Collecting and curating content is damn hard and just because you have resources and access to Google or Bing or Yahoo or whatever, doesn’t mean that you know what will work for your company or a company when it comes to compelling content that will drive eyeballs and sales.   

Here are a few questions you need to ask:

1. Can the intern help you with good content?  

2. Can we just automate the process?

3. How well do you know what your customers want? Helping you understand the difference between search and intent.

4. Does it matter if your brick and mortar customers are online? 

5. Does it matter that your customers are social?

6. What will it take to create and curate compelling content? Test what works and what doesn’t.  You have to know what drives traffic and what get’s clicked on and what doesn’t.

7. Can we outsource it?  Do they really know you, your product or your customers?

Consumers are going to continue to demand content that “fits” them.  As well, that content not only needs to fit their niches and demands but it also needs to be accessed at anytime and anywhere.

It will start and end with the content you create and curate every day and every night. If you don’t get it right, chances are that your competition will.

So How Good Is Your Content?

By Marc Meyer

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