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The Art Of Seducing Google With Great Content

In this comprehensive article Mustafa, outlines various methods to create compelling content to gain targeted traffic that converts.

Here is the Table Of Contents that breaks down his recommendations:

Table of Contents 

  • 3 Leveraging Third Party Sources
  • 4 Attracting Quality Links
  • 5 Building Real Authority

    I have focused on “Content Curation” as this category is dear to most:


    3.1 Embrace Content Curation

    The information age has brought in a lot of clutter. And the junk on the Internet is only contributing to it.

    People online are tired of wading through useless information. They don’t want to waste time anymore. What they want is knowledge they can use.

    No wonder “content curation” (the process of discovering, organizing and sharing information) has gained such traction.

    Proper curation helps you give your readers useful content in a structured and systematic manner. In other words, it takes away the ‘clutter’.

    Man has always craved organization. Because organization gives clarity. And clarity leads to action.

    By embracing curation, you’ll be able to create resourceful content. Build a stronger foundation for your website. And of course, impress your readers with your organizational skills.

    However, quality content curation isn’t about collecting a bunch of related links and putting them in one place. It’s not even about copy-pasting parts of other articles from various sites or blogs.

    It’s about curating the most relevant content and adding your own valuable insight to it.

    If your curated content is the meat (no offence to all you vegetarians) then your opinions or ideas form the bread that goes around it. Which makes your content tasty and appealing to your readers.


    By  Mustafa Khundmiri.


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