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Setting Up Your Business Social Media Strategy With These Five Tools

Where can a business owner or marketer get information on what their potential customers are doing online?

Firstly  you need to define your customer profile or persona so you will know what your potential customer looks like.

A good place to start is How to Build Better Buyer Personas to Drive Killer Content.


Find out more about how your potential customers act online with some of these free resources:

#1. Forrester Social Technogpraphic Profile Tool

This tool shows how different groups identified by age, gender and nationality fit into each of these classifications.

#2. Ignite’s Social Network Analysis Report

Ignite Social Media has been analyzing and publishing demographic and geographic information, for over 5 years. The analysis across platforms makes it very easy to compare apples to apples in social media. For example you can compare the educational level between the users of Facebook and LinkedIn.

The information is presented in a series of charts and graphs and you can download pdf’s from past years.

#3. Google Insights and Ad Planner

You do not need to advertise on Google AdWords to use their great tools for finding out who is doing what on the internet. Google Insights for Search can give you details on how often a term like Facebook was searched within a given time period and even within a given geographic location and you can compare it with other terms like Pinterest.

For even more information go to Google Ad Planner and put in a domain name like and you will get a wealth of demographic information. Now you can start to compare different social media platforms and see how they fit your customer persona. Ad Planner also shows you other sites this audience visited and their other interests.

#4. Google’s Global Business Map

Google’s Global Business Map is meant to be a resource for international business advertisers and gives basic facts, demographics and Internet statistics for 48 countries. But even if you are only interested in one country the information is very helpful. For example for the profile on the U.S.A. we learn that 78% of the US population has access to the internet and 44% use mobile smart phones and mobile search queries have grown by 511%.

#5. Google Analytics’ new Social Sources report gives you information on traffic sources, page views, length of visits and a host of other options that give you a detailed, granular view of your social media traffic. You can set up conversion goals and find out if which social media channels contribute to your bottom line.

Setting up your business social media strategy is an important part of your inbound marketing plan. It is important to define your customer’s persona or profile and learn what they do online. These tools are not going to identify every potential customer but they will give you valuable insight into how you can craft your social media marketing strategy.

By Timothy Lorang

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