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How To Design Your Own Infographics

Infographics seem to be a real trend today, with new ones popping up daily on all sorts of subjects.

In the past few years have Infographics developed into the art form we know today.

Infographics suit the information heavy world we live in as they give an easily understandable visual snapshot of something that may otherwise be plain text, and can help to widen the audience of a subject.

Many Infographics have been created for the purpose of marketing, branding, SEO and  linkbuilding purposes.

There are a whole arsenal of different programs online that will help you with anything from layouts to data, and all of these can be utilised by a layman with no previous design experience.

Best Practice Process

Before you look at online tools,  firstly, get an idea of the best practice process for any kind of design, be it graphic, product etc.:


Before you begin anything, you need to decide what your subject is going to be and do some reading.


Once you have some hard data to work with, begin to consider the design. Infographics often work best when the graphics reflect the subject of the data, so try and let the data inform and drive the design. In this part of the design process as many avenues as possible need to be explored.

Brainstorm / Form Concepts

Once you have outlined your ideas, try and work them together into several more coherent concepts. This is best done with at least one other person to act as a sounding board for your ideas, adding another perspective.

Refine Down To One Concept

Continue the refining process through sketching and iterations, and gain feedback from as many people as possible. You should begin to see the finished product coming into shape.


Your final concept in place, you can put the finishing touches in, as well as any last minute refining that needs to be done. With Infographics this usually means adding highlights/textures to really make the graphics pop.

Best Online Resources For Infographic Design

A  list of some of the best online resources for creating whole Infographics, or smaller parts that you can combine to make a larger overall graphic:





* Tableau Software

* TouchGraph

* Wordle


* Google Public Data

* StatPlanet

* ProgrammableWeb

* Inkscape


Whilst all of these tools are useful in helping to design an Infographic, they don’t do the whole job for you. Unless you have some kind of experience with image editing software and a vague eye for design you’re not going to be able to do this well.


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