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How Play at Work Makes Work.. Work

On its face the case for gamification, which is defined here as adding game-like activities to improve non-game contexts, is a strong one and easy to state.

Namely, if properly situated in business processes, the incorporation of game features in work activities can reward desired behavior, create more intensively participative processes, track group progress, establish feedback loops that reinforce and accelerate sought after business outcomes, and more.

How TemboSocial Makes Play Work

TemboSocial takes a similar approach towards enterprise gamification, taking elements from gaming and integrating them into your business to encourage a desired behavior, such as productivity or retention.

According to TemboSocial, this year gamification will have 20% of Global 2000 organizations playing, and by 2014 this number is expected to rise to 70%.

TemboSocial’s Research continuously shows that even though the best way to motivate employees is to recognize their achievements, gamification remains an underutilized tool. Successful computer games align personal passion and commitment to task completion. Well-designed games recognize progress, encouraging players to continue to engage and be inspired to meet the next challenge. This is key for the enterprise.

Advance through each level of this Infographic to learn more about their approach towards enterprise gamification.

By The Social Workplace 


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