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Getting The Most From Going Social

Australian marketers have a very captive consumer audience across social media channels. Experian Hitwise data shows that Australians notched up 11.4 billion visits to social networks in 2011, with Australians visiting Facebook 6.2 billion times between January and December 2011. That’s a phenomenal number of clicks.

 And a number of brands are making Facebook work for them. According to Social Bakers, the top three Australian brands on Facebook by number of fans – Quicksilver, Streets Bubble O’Bill Ice Cream and UGG Australia – each have more than one million fans.

How did these brands get to this point?

And what are they doing to extract the most value from the fans they’ve got

These are questions that many marketers are asking  as they seek to formulate and implement a social media strategy. Marketers want to get a better understanding of their customers online and answer questions such as what is the role of social media ‘influencers’ and how do they impact customer conversions?

Armed with this clear understanding of their customers, marketers are in an ideal position to target campaigns to acquire more customers and – crucially – engage with and retain the customers they’ve got.

There is a real opportunity for marketers to change the way they engage – through clever, incentivised acquisition campaigns.

You can find all Experian‘s tips for a successful social media strategy in their  research report ”Getting the Most From Social: An Integrated Marketing Approach” [PDF]

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