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Australia’s Socialympics

It’s been said that it was the ‘Socialympics” – the first time that social media truly infiltrated, supported, interrupted and facilitated conversation around the Olympic Games.

Social media played such a major role in the Olympics that the IOC brought out guidelines to inform athletes what they could and couldn’t do on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Throughout the games, there were more than 500,000 conversations in Australia alone during the Olympics, and Twitter estimates that there were around 80,000 conversations a minute about the Games. Both athletes and journalists alike had their social media accounts suspended for breaching either the IOC or Twitter guidelines. One athlete even blamed social media for their underwhelming performance.

In light of this, B-M Australia has developed the attached Infographic, which visualises the conversations had by Australians during the Olympic games. The Infographic shows the most discussed Australian athletes and news stories and breaks down the demographic data to show who talked the most.

Key insights from the Infographic include:

#1. 4 in every 5 conversations around the Games took place on Twitter, dwarfing every other social media platform
#2. Females talked about Olympics more than men, with 56% of the conversations coming from women
#3. Sally Pearson was Australia’s most talked about athlete, followed by Lauren Jackson and James Magnussen
#4. The most widely discussed news story was that Paul McCartney was paid just 1 pound to perform at the Opening Ceremony
#5. Swimming was the most discussed sport overall, followed by basketball and rowing

By B-M Australia

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