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A Deep Dive Into SEO Implementation

There is no magic formula to maintain high search engine rankings, there are a number of smart practices that, especially when combined, can help significantly.


Here are the top ten items that you can implement immediately to improve SEO:

1. Create Link Bait
Link bait is the look-at-me-now of any website. It refers to any content on a website created specifically to gain attention and encourage others to link to the website. Infographics are a great example of creating eye-catching content that has excellent visualization and a wealth of information.

2. Create SEO Friendly Content
Spend some time researching and selecting appropriate keywords using Google AdWords.

Once you have a list of keywords, place them strategically in the title tags, body text, meta tags, image captions, etc.

3. Redesign Homepage
Your homepage represents your company – treat it as your calling card.

 Without the right links and functions, it won’t serve its purpose. Evaluate your homepage load time and check whether it is effectively communicating your brand’s value proposition

4. Improve Primary Navigation
Having the right keywords present in your anchor text, including your major menu structures, is good practice. Navigation should also make logical sense.

5. Social Voting Buttons
Search engines are increasingly crawling the web for social signals to understand how users value a page. Adding voting buttons such as “+1”, “Like” and “Tweet” attract up to 8X more user interactions than the equivalent sharing buttons.

6. Remove Duplicate Content
Search engines do not generally return more than one version of the same page, so identical content on a website can be a missed opportunity.

7. Title Tags
Title tags appear in the clickable links on the search engine results page, so ensure that specific keyword phrases relevant to your company are present in the title tag. Keep title tags short and simple, ideally less than 70 characters.

8. Fix Broken Links
Broken links don’t just get you into trouble with users, search engines also consider such links to be an indication of poor quality.

9. Fix 404 Pages
External or internal links pointing to pages that do not exist (404 errors) should be corrected immediately.

10. H1 Headers
Implementing optimized headers allows search engines to easily identify the topic of a passage or section of a page, thereby letting them know what your site is about.




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