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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

According to a Report produced by Royal Pingdom, Internet 2011 in numbers, there were more than 2.2bn email users in 2011 and 3.4bn email accounts, this figure growing by 500m. According to Radicati, this number is expected to grow to 4.1bn by the end of 2015. There is always a tendency when new technologies come along to throw out the […]

79 Link Building Resources For 2012

Another year has passed since the 2011 edition of 79 Link Building Resources where Kristi Hines listed various blogs, their top link building posts, and some great link building tools to add to your toolkit. Those blogs, to this day, are still great resources to visit when looking for posts on link building.   Since that […]

Patent Wars

Have patent lawsuits become the large corporations’ substitute for innovation? With the Apple-Samsung trial coming to an end and more and more cases heading to the courts, decided to take a look at the driving forces behind these patent wars and what is being done to stop the rising number of casualties.   By […]

6 Infographics About The Web Hosting Industry

Do you know where and how are your website data files such as CSS, Html and images are stored and how it is served for the users? If you’ve ever considered building or getting your own website, you’ve probably compared building your own site to getting one from a source like Blogger. Doing either of […]

The Art Of Seducing Google With Great Content

In this comprehensive article Mustafa, outlines various methods to create compelling content to gain targeted traffic that converts. Here is the Table Of Contents that breaks down his recommendations: Table of Contents  1 Content: The Currency to Rank 2 Creating Remarkable Content that Works 2.1 Have a Passion for Giving 2.2 Become a Problem Solver […]

Social Marketing Automation

In this  Infographic, Social Marketing Automation is defined, providing  various use cases for marketers to explore. Marketers can use Social Marketing Automation to identify brand advocates, customers who are ripe for an upsell, and prospective customers. To learn more about Social Marketing Automation download Awareness’ new white paper Social Prospecting & Scoring: A Disruptive Process to Identify […]

The Lead-To-Revenue Performance Framework Explained

A visual representation of how marketers can make the most of their Lead to Revenue Management investments. This Infographic, based on independent research from Forrester, gives a visual representation of how marketers can make the most of their Lead-to-revenue management [L2RM] investments by keeping a few things in mind: be honest about your marketing process […]