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Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track?

Return On Digital have put all their hints and tips into an Infographic.

Covering how to interact and increase brand engagement within the three main social platforms, FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, in order to create a starting point for those who may be new to this arena.

Social Media Executive, Tim states: “Social is still really new in the grand scheme of things, and is evolving all the time. We know from experience what techniques are more likely to work for SMEs and which ones could be harmful to their brand image. With more than 900 million users on Facebook, approximately 360 million users on Twitter, and at least 161 million LinkedIn accounts, these growing networks can be targeted for business leads and sales with the correct strategy.

However, without an effective strategy and an understanding of their customer’s online behaviour, it could be a waste of valuable business hours.”

This fun Infographic is a quick and easy to use guide to ensure businesses ‘stay on track’ in social media.

Source: Uploaded by user via Max on Pinterest


By Hannah Atkinson


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