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FastCo’s Cliff Kuang On Infographics And The Infographics Industry

These article is a wonderful conversation between Cliff Kuang (@cliffkuang), founding editor of Fast Company’s Co.Design, the publication’s site dedicated to the discussion of the intersection between business and design. Previously, Kuang has been an editor at I.D. magazine and The Economist. His work has been featured in Wired, Popular Science, and GOOD, and Column Five about Infographics.

They  talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as where the industry is headed.

Here is a “snippet” of the transcript [of the conversation]

 What do you think makes a good Infographic?

There’s not just one thing that makes a good Infographic. There are elements that the good ones possess:

1. Clarity of point of view
2. Consistency of vision
3. They are beautiful

Infographics are about telling stories through images. There should be an end point and a plot, and it’s all about how you convey it. Good graphics can stay with the metaphor longer. Good graphics are the ones where the messages aren’t always surprising but where the plot points are being told in a new way. Also, just because something is complex, varied, and adorned, doesn’t mean that it’s rich.

It’s rare that you find good Infographics that get two pieces right, but the last piece isn’t done well. The people who produce good Infographics tend to get all three right.

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