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Content Curation Reduces Information Overload

Over 100,000 new WordPress blogs are created every day, there’s 40 hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and there are 5,340 new websites created every hour.

“Content Curation” is providing the answer!

Find a good curator of a subject and follow their activity.

You can trust them and rely on them to find the good stuff online, saving you time and effort.

It can also provide a way of reducing information overload amongst your potential customers, thereby giving them a reason to stay loyal to you and make it more likely they will buy from you.

Equally, if you curate content in specialist areas relating to your customer needs, you will gain reputation, visitors, followers – all the things you need to ensure your online presence is high.

#1. You can add your content to your own blog

#2. Set up a new blog just for curated content or

#3. Add the material to a curation service

Whichever system you choose, the mere fact that you are curating content will help your business because in the explosion of information which is happening right now, people are looking for clarity.

The people who provide that will be the winners.

You can make your mark by being a content curator.

By Graham Jones 



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