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Blogs And Pinterest As The Most Influential Recommendation Engines + #Infographic

Why do some social web platforms like Blogs or Pinterest can carry more trust and influence when it come to users making a purchasing decision.

One of the most important aspects of social media, specially for small business using it as a marketing vehicle, is its power as a discovery and recommendation engine.

#Trust drives action

Do people trust a recommendation more when the message is delivered via Facebook than when it does from Twitter or vice versa?

According to this Infographic from JumpThru, the vehicle matters.

As you will see in this Infographic, Blogs are by far the biggest influencer when it comes to purchasing decisions.

This Infographic gives you some idea of how different networks have different purposes. As a small business/entrepreneur, you should be able to identify these differences.

By Francisco Rosales — 


Infographic by JumpThru 

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