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5 Years Later: A Look Back At The Rise Of The iPhone

This revolutionary device set the stage for explosive growth in the Smartphone market, drastically changing the complexion of the mobile industry and, consequently, the entire digital landscape in just a few short years. In July 2007, barely 9 million Americans owned a Smartphone – representing just 4%  of the entire mobile market. Today nearly 110 million Americans own a Smartphone and by the end of the year Smartphone owners will become the new mobile majority in the U.S.


During the last five years, Apple has introduced five different versions of the iPhone. A more detailed look at the iPhone ecosystem by device generation found that nearly 3 in every 4 iPhone owners currently uses the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, with the iPhone 4 accounting for the largest overall share at nearly 40% of iOS Smartphone in May 2012. The original iPhone released on June 29, 2007 now accounts for just 2% of current iOS Smartphone owners, with new generations of the device making the original virtually obsolete.


The Smartphone market, with the iPhone at the center of it, has witnessed incredible growth and evolution over the last five years, creating a strong foundation for the rise of the mobile media consumer and creating value for players across the ecosystem. With consumer adoption on the rise and the continued integration of new, innovative technologies, we can only imagine what the next five years will bring. But despite how quickly leadership positions can change in this market, something tells me that iPhone will still be blazing new trails into the future…


By Sarah Radwanick


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