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Monthly Archives: July 2012

5 Ways To Localize Your Inbound Marketing

When you create the right inbound marketing machine for your company, prospects are naturally drawn towards your content as they look for information around a topic relevant to a product you may be selling. This is why inbound marketing is such a great strategy for companies who are just entering a new market. It helps you build […]

Blog Design For Killer SEO

A blog is so much more than a pageview generator. It speaks in your voice, provides a gateway to your community, acts as your moral center and facilitates communication with the rest of the world. And done right, it’s an unbeatable marketing tool. Cyrus Shepard asked his wife, Dawn Shepard, a freelance graphic designer, if she […]

44% Of Australian Social Media Users Happy To See Ads

Australian ranks fourth worldwide in social media penetration – behind only the US, Canada and South Korea.  A total of 9.8 million Australians (44% of the total population) are predicted to be on social media in 2012, according to an eMarketer estimate.  Businesses are rapidly moving to engage consumers in this space, and many social media users […]

Maximizing Your Tweets

Twitter boasts over 140 million active users who produce over 340 million Tweets per day. Certainly, Twitter has established itself as a major force in the social media universe and major brands agree as 77% of marketers listed Twitter as one of their top three priority social platforms. Buddy Media recently published a report titled […]

The Benchmark For Online Business

Asos is an online fashion retailer. They sell a huge range of men’s and women’s clothing across 850 labels, including one of their own.   They are also the benchmark for how online business should be done.   Asos has identified and addressed the key factors that make the online shopping experience almost on par with […]

This Inexpensive Marketing Plan Can Lead to More Traffic, More Leads and Higher Customer

Are you up against competition that has deep pockets and can outspend you in traditional advertising methods? Click here to find out how you can bring traffic and leads for next to nothing… Traditional outbound marketing can end up being a poor investment. You have to rely on channels like cold-calling, paid branding and print […]

Black Hat Social Media Is Here To Stay

Pssst, wanna know a secret?… “Black hat” techniques for using social media are thriving, much to the chagrin of many social media purists. It was inevitable for this to happen. For years, the concept of black hat has been tied to the SEO trade. Those who profess to practice SEO honorably decry these practices and […]