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Who is Using Twitter?

Twitter has continued to grow over the last 18 months and for some demographics its use has increased by nearly 400%. The explosive growth of the smart phone market has also driven this growth.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Study – [PDF] it is and

Here are some of the facts and figures:

#Some 15% of online adults use Twitter as of February 2012
#8% do so on a typical day
#Overall Twitter usage has nearly doubled since November 2010
#The percentage of online adults who use Twitter on a typical day has doubled since May 2011
#The proportion of of adults using Twitter on a typical day has quadrupled (now 8%) since late 2010 where it stood at 2%

Several demographic groups stand out as having high rates of Twitter usage relative to their peers:

#African-American internet users continue to use Twitter at high rates. More than one quarter of online African-Americans (28%) use Twitter, with 13% doing so on a typical day (this is nearly double the overall average)
#Young adults — One quarter (26%) of internet users ages 18-29 use Twitter, nearly double the rate for those ages 30-49
#City residents — Residents of urban areas are significantly more likely to use Twitter than their rural counterparts

There are two major takeways that have implications for marketers:

#The growth of smart phone adoption is highly correlated to the growth of Twitter usage.
#The 400% growth in Twitter usage by 18-24 year olds

These two standouts will need to be considered in marketing campaign planning and how this integrates into the use of other platforms such as Facebook and mobile apps.


By Jeff Bullas – 

Twitter Use 2012 – Report

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