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The World Without You – #Infographic

So, what would the world be like without the Internet? Almost everything we do has some connection to the Internet.

This Infographic does and here are some highlights:

  • Since 2002, the number of internet users has quadrupled to 2.3 billion people worldwide.
  • The internet allows us to connect with virtually anyone.
  • The internet gives us access to an infinite amount of information.
  • There are 550 million websites (300 million added in 2011)
  • $6.3 trillion – the cost of stamps to replace emails (US alone).
  • Each internet job supports 1.54 additional jobs.
  • There are 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook PER MONTH.
  • The fall of the Berlin wall took 4 months.
  • It took just 1 week for 90,000 Egyptians to organize a revolution.
  • And only 18 days to overthrow 30 years of dictatorship.

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