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The 9 “Be’s” Of Personal Branding

Your Personal Branding Strategy

There is power behind personal branding, so practice these nine “Be’s”

#Be Likeable

Wouldn’t you just love it people were all warm and fuzzy about your brand like they are for a brand like Apple? Having great likeability can go a long way and help build new relationships that could lead to revenue and increased brand loyalty.

#Be Consistent

Are you being consistent in your business practices? You should be, and that includes your online presence. Post on your social networks on a more consistent basis, so your target audience will learn to expect fresh content from you regularly. This will also increase the chance of brand exposure to others.

#Be Passionate

Being passionate is a must. Having passion shows itself in your products or services, and gives a level of quality and satisfaction. Passion or lack thereof shows in everything you do.

#Be Different

Do not be different JUST to be different. Be different because you have a unique product or service you offer, or you are have unique qualities that shine. Find your niche, and make it a point to become well known in it. It is crowded out here, you have to differentiate yourself from the rest. Give people a reason to choose you over your competitor.

#Be Memorable

Make yourself memorable! You want to leave a lasting memory. What is the first thing you think of when you think of your favorite brand? In personal branding have this question in the back of your mind when you are creating your branding strategy.

#Be Interactive

Are you promoting interaction with your business? Use promotions and giveaways to get your audience to interact with your business and brand.

#Be Creative

Create interesting and fresh logos, art, and fonts to make you and your business pop.

#Be Engaged

Are you mixing and mingling with the people?  Are you engaging on social networks? Engagement now is more important than ever. People do not just want to be bombarded with product information. They want to know that you care about them. Show them by engaging with them.

#Be Personable

You are human right? Time and time again I see entrepreneurs hiding behind pictures and logos. People want to interact with a human, not a faceless entity.

Personal branding will help your business go a long way. Follow these 9 Be’s, and you are on your way to being a rock star.


By Tony Taylor


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