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Merchants Need Likes: Here’s Why And How To Get Them #Infographic

Spring Metrics, have been helping customers increase their social engagement and have seen some noteworthy results.


While the public debate about the impact of social media on your online business continues (the data shows they are clearly positively correlated, and the only question should be how much a Like or Follow is worth – to your business), many e-commerce merchants and retailers are quietly getting on with the business of adding social media to their toolkit.


Looking at the question from a different perspective, catalyzing your following at the time of purchase by enticing buyers to become advocates has increased social engagement, as measured by the total number of Likes, by 23% in an average of six weeks.


In these early results, more than half of the visitors will Like or Follow, but then not purchase… yet. It’s too early to show stats on how many of those social advocacy actions turn in to purchases at a later date, but we can see that it’s not zero.

From this Infographic you can see that 54% feel more likely to purchase after Liking. So rather than simply losing the momentum of that visitor after the non-converting visit, you have preserved on average 54% of the time and money you spent attracting that visitor. And of course there’s the indirect effect, again too early to quote stats but it’s not zero either; customers are seeing a clear increase in sales from social media channels.



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