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Conversation Index

Signal Strength: Consumers Reveal What Matters Most

Each quarter, The Conversation Index turns millions of consumer conversations into a strong data signal.

The Conversation Index takes 12.7 million first-person consumer conversations on brand sites, and digs deep to reveal what consumers are talking about – and what it means for companies.

  • Boomers vs. Millennials: Who’s happiest worldwide? Overall sentiment, by generation, varies by product        category and country.
  • The sentiment graph helps uncover – and predict – consumer behavior. The sentiment graph takes a deeper look into social data to get to the core of what consumers value most.
  • Trending use of specific language reveals consumer interest. In consumer-packaged goods, mentions        of “healthy,” “allergies,” and “organic” correlate to consumer sentiment and overall trends – even for these        lower-consideration products.
  • New releases impact sentiment for previous versions. When a new version of a product comes out,        sentiment for the previous version decreases. This creates a unique opportunity for brands to re-market earlier versions and further differentiate the new one – so all versions win.


 Infographic created by Column Five with Bazaar Voice

Download The Sudy: The-Conversation-Index-Vol.4- Consumers Are-Telling-You What-Matters-Most-Consumer-Language-Reveals-Sentiment – Beyond-The-Social-And-Interest-Graph



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