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Best Times To Tweet Or Post To Facebook – #Infographic

There are few resources better than bitly for monitoring click-through rates for content shared.

So when bitly released a report last month telling us all the best time to tweet or post to Facebook for click-throughs –“Time Is On Your Side” – .  


Raika created this Infographic highlighting bitly’s data on the best times to share content on Twitter or Facebook if you’re looking to drive traffic to your site (or any site).

Bitly found the best times to tweet for click-throughs are early afternoon Monday – Thursday, while Facebook content posted Wednesday at 3 p.m. generates the highest click-through rates, according to bitly’s data [ Based on EST].


But why read words when you can look at pictures?

Here’s the best-time-to-tweet-or-post-to-Facebook Infographic created by digital agency Raka with data provided by bitly


By Raka


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