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9 User Experience Pitfalls That Repel Website Visitors

As a business owner, what can be worse than having a visitor leave your site due to an annoyance that you can control? You may lose sales due to numerous factors that are out of your control.

What about the ones that you can control?

Focus on optimizing the things that matter!


Zach Bulygo of KISSmetics has come up with these Nine Pitfalls:

Things that send users away from your website – you have the power to reverse!

1. Center of Page Advertisement

These are the ads that takeover webpages and make the user navigate around the ad. Opt for graphics that don’t interrupt the visitor’s time on your site.

2. Stock Photos

They don’t help tell the unique story of your business. Go for pictures of your product or your customers

3. A Hard To Use Site

Easy to use websites will have fewer options, but often are more visually appealing and will work for more people

Websites need to adapt to the user, not have the user adapt to the website. Users shouldn’t have to learn how to navigate your site – it should come naturally

4. A Slow Site

Recommendation: Check out this Unbounce Article that has some very practical tips on reducing page loading time.

5. Auto-Play Videos

Videos are not a bad thing to have on your website. Videos that play automatically are.

Have a video on your site, but don’t force it on the visitor by playing it as soon as the page loads. Let the user control how they want to use and view your site.

6. Pop-Ups

Don’t allow pop-up advertisements on your page.

7. Ad Copy Doesn’t Match Website

Having a consistent message from ad to landing page has been shown to increase conversion rates.

8. It’s Not Clear What You Do

Your visitors should know within the first few seconds of visiting your website what you do.

Your headline should be clear and above-the-fold. It should also be no more than a sentence long.

9. Long Sign Up Forms

Whatever you prefer to use, just make sure it’s simple and painless.

A sign up form should take no longer than 20 seconds to fill out.

Only ask for information that is absolutely necessary and remove the nice-to-haves.


By Zach Bulygo


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